• Special Material
    Daekyung Hichem Co., Ltd. provides a variety of advanced materials.
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  • Medical
    We will be the leader in the medical packaging field.
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  • Eco-Friendly
    We will be the company caring for human beings and our environments.
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  • 3D Printing
    We provide wood-based eco-friendly materials for 3D printing.
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On the road towards the world,
there is Daekyung Hichem Co., Ltd.
Daekyung Hichem Co., Ltd. is a trading company that imports and exports excellent products of global advanced material manufacturers and provides them to clients.

DaeKyung Hichem

  • Technical Support
    We support clients directly in the field and sometimes participate in
    development work.
  • Experienced
    We provide customized services based on our know-how accumulated for 30 years.
  • Value suggestion
    We deliver not only products but also their values to our clients.
  • Global Distribution Network
    We construct global material networks to help our clients get materials
    they want.
  • Stock based
    We do stock based sales according to the market’s needs and promptly deal
    with our clients.
  • Sustainable sales solution
    We find and provide sustainable sales solutions based on feedbacks
    from our clients.